Anne Toulhoat-Haberland, born in Quimper in 1955, is the eldest daughter of the artist Pierre Toulhoat and of Yvonne Lucas, daughter of the ceramicist Victor Lucas.
Soon after receiving her degree in Fine Art  from Rennes, she began to provide designs for table-linens for the work-shops of Le Minor at Pont - l'Abbé. She went on to learn the technique of stained glass with her father in Quimper before deciding to settle in Paris, where  she continued to  work with stained glass and also glass engraving in several different ateliers  (including that of Guillaume Saalburg). At the same time she continued  creating  her own collection of textile designs.
She works for fashion houses and different labels, and as an illustrator (Marie-Claire, fashion and trend magazines...), as well as for the theatre  (the designs for African Summer, directed by Gabriel Garra; costumes and backdrops for La Chamaille theatre in Nantes in 1989); in addition, she also uses the more traditional medium of oil on canvas.
She continues to draw, and produce textile designs and stained glass, and exhibits regularly Institut français de Bonn (1992), Treboul-Douarnenez (1995), Ivry (1999-2000) for instance.

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